August 25, 2019

Roy Emek and Shai Rubin - OwnBackup Under the hood

This is a podcast episode about OwnBackup. OwnBackup is a Cloud-to-Cloud backup and recovery company providing the leading data protection and compliance platform for Enterprises using Salesforce.

This time it's time to hear all about the technical aspets of running a systm that backs up many many Petabytes of important data, and restores them in a very short time, as needed. Hear all about it from Roy Emek, VP Engineering & GM Israel and Shai Rubin Director Of Software Development.

בפרק הזה נכנסנו בעובי הקורה הטכנית עם אנשי OwnBackup רועי עמק ושי רובין. על פטה בייטים של מידע שצריך לאחסן בצורה חכמה ולאחזר בצורה עוד יותר חכמה.

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